Montana Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services

In 1999, Montana Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services (MDHHS) was set up by Montana Association of the Deaf as there was a real need for a centralized location to provide interpreting services and to gather and share resources. MDHHS’s mission is to enchance the quality of life of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Montanans.

MDHHS’s Goals are:

  • To advocate for statewide accessibility and promote empowerment for Deaf/Hard of Hearing consumers.
  • To provide an interpreter referral system.
  • To advocate for and develop employment opportunities.
  • To provide community education.

To see MDHHS’s Resource page, please click here.

The office is located in the vocational building on the campus of Montana School for the Deaf and Blind. The physical and mailing addresses and phone/tty number are as follows:

Mailing address
PO Box 6433
Great Falls, MT 59406

Physical Address
11-38th St., North
Great Falls, MT 59405

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